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  1. This may sound like i am really trying to get too far ahead of myself but, perhaps someone has some advice.

    My boyfriend may move to Madison to go to the University there...

    I would love to transfer there. But i havent even started work yet! Many positions at the University hospital seem to prefer a BSN, which here in Chicago is not an issue for me.

    I havent started yet bc i broke my ankle, and plan to start in October.

    So, should i wait till october to move out there so i have a year (some positions want at least 2 years experience--and i do have a year as a nurse extern too)

    Are there any certifications/credentials i can obtain to pad up my resume to better sell myself? That would be without having much experience!! (already have acls)

    Anything you got to give to me is appreciated.

    Thanks! And i realllly cannot wait to start nursing in medsurg!
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  3. by   SillyLilly
    btw my boyfriend will prob start next fall-2007.
  4. by   Tweety
    Many of those larger university hospitals post "BSN preferred" for their staff nurse positions, but usually when they have many positions to fill, ADN's get in the door easily.

    When my partner decided to move to Florida I didn't have a year when he moved and I stayed behind to finish up my first year at my first job. Having a years experience sounded better on my resume than "9 months". I applied for 3 jobs and got 3 offers when I moved.

    Seriously, if there is a need for RNs, and ADN and one year experience will get you in the door.

    I'm not sure of any certifications or credientials you can get with such little experience, other than maybe ACLS.

    Good luck!