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I work on a busy crazy hectic "general medicine" unit in a fairly large hospital. on day shift things seem to go smoothly with the team of 1 RN and 1 RPN to 7 patients, the care is complex and... Read More

    Inform her that you have yet to notice an "I" in team, she needs to be broken of that nasty habbit. If need be when she is in need... sad to say but sometimes others dont realize what they have until its gone...
    I would document everything that she chooses not to help with and I would inform her that you are doing so.. at times like these and what and who knows what is next you need as many willing hands to be there and to support each other.
    Its has to be a functioning team work when there are so few and if she chooses not to help then she may need a push to a direction to which she can handle the work and the teamwork needed... sadly it just maybe towards the door..
    Realize you are only as strong as your weakest link...
    As I see where my post has landed I will look like the horrible B@#%h that I maybe , I totally dont tollerate this type of actions, your job is difficult enough , and by being left out without a person you can truly count on , then how do you expect to count on them ever. The only way a area can truly work together is by working together Im sure you are helping her out, and Im sure you havent thought twice of doing so... Through your posts I dont see you allowing anyone hang out to dry .... but her on the other hand she doesnt give anyone else but herself the second look.. I stick by my opinion.... Document and inform her of why your doing so , because its a team that does the work not just one person but a TEAM
  3. by   lv2ski
    This 'absent' team member is lowering the morale of the floor and making it an unsafe environment. It sounds like you can't even trust her in an emergent situation. I could not and would not continue to work with her, since your complaints have gone unattended by your 'superiors'. It sounds totally unacceptable. Has there been a team meeting where you all confront her? Perhaps she is just totally clueless, or have you gone up the chain of command?
    Luckily I have a great team at night, unbelievably really. That is one reason I stay on nights.....a shift where a team work mentality is extra crucial.
    Best of luck with this frustrating and important problem....