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medical solutions

anyone familiar with Medical Solutions, Inc?

I don"t see them listed in evals of agencies.


Yes, I know all about Medical Solutions, and have even been to their offices in Omaha. Had two of their recruiters when they were with another company.

I would highly recommend them!!!

Glad that you found someone who knew them. I have never heard of them.

where is this 'eval of companies'? I'm looking for a travel job.

where is this 'eval of companies'? I'm looking for a travel job.

No "eval of companies" list. This is a Travel Forum where we discuss Nurse Traveling. We discuss Nurse Travel issues, sometimes Travel companies, and other "how to" of Travel Nursing.

Have you just started? There is an excellent area here on AllNurses where you can post your resume:

AllNurses Free Resume Posting

There are also job postings on the above toggle to the top right. You will also see many Travel Companies advertising on the Bulletin Board as well.

Good luck to you. Let us know how you make out and how we may help you.


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glad to hear that someone has had success working with medical solutions agency. i have not accepted an assignment from them, but i am talking to them about my next assignment starting in january.

has anyone worked with faststaff? several travelers have mentioned them, and have had mixed reviews. they haven't contacted me, but i was thinking about looking them up. i understand that they typically have shorter assignments.:confused:


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I have been employed by Medical Solutions (Omaha NE) for about 2yrs. Great company to work for! Good Luck

I have been with Medical Solutions for 6 months and love my recruiter!! The company is awesome and wouldn't even try any other one!

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