Medical Records Institute releases survey results of Electronic Health Record trends

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The Medical Records Institute survey of electronic health record trends shows that most organizations that implement electronic records are prompted to do so in order to improve efficiencies.

The survey was the sixth annual one that the Medical Records Institute undertook. It was taken before, during and after TEPR 2004 (Toward an Electronic Medical Record), a conference sponsored by the Medical Records Institute. The survey included a total of 808 responses from CEOs, CIOs, VPs, medical directors and others. It posed 16 questions and included comparisons with previous year's surveys as well as the total number of respondents and margins of error.

Survey results show that the major motivating factors in a company's decision to implement the EHR are the need to improve workflow efficiency, and the need to improve the quality of care. The largest mobile/wireless devices used for healthcare applications is still the laptop computer. However, that number has decreased since previous years, and the use of cell phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs) and Tablet PCs is on the rise.

The full 2004 EHR survey results can be viewed at:

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