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Medical Mash-Up


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Okay, the spelling thread got me thinking. My kids and husband and daughters are great hypochondriacs and have heard enough terminology to make them dangerous.

My daughter, "Mom, is this hamburger cooked enough? I don't want to get E-boli" (Hemorrhagic bacteria???)

My other daughter, "If grandma keeps getting older (?) will she get all timers and forget about us?" I just looked at her and walked away on that one.

Anyone else have a medical mash-up?

My husband just yesterday said "incubate" instead of "intubate"......I told him you incubate an egg and we both got a laugh out of it! Have to love him though.... he tries to engage in work related talk with me, even though most of it grosses him out :D


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When I had A&P way before nursing school I accidentally said "tibula". I accidentally combined "tibia" and "fibula". Whoops! :)