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Hiya, folks.

I'm a 31 year old male, whom has decided to return to school and pursue a RN degree at my local community college.

My question is: what is a good way to go about looking for jobs in the medical field WHILE I'm going to school for it?

I was think that by working in said jobs you would have:

a] employers more understanding to your schedule

b] on the job training, or at least a better understanding due to immersion in the field, even at the most basic levels

c] connections and/or contacts for your soon-to-be career

Are there any recommended ways to go about searching for said jobs?

Should I simply "hoof" it to each hospital/clinic/docs office in my general area, peddling the offer of my services, lol?

I'm trained thoroughly in most secretarial practices and am quite at home typing/filing/doing spreadsheets, etc., and was previously a trainer for two major companies; one a telecommunications firm and the other an international retail chain.

Does this give me ANY type of use in the medical field BEFORE I get my degree?

Much thanks in advance,



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My advice to you would be to find a large (teaching is best, but non-teaching is OK if it is big enough) hospital and apply for a job as a PCA, nurse tech, or whatever they call patient care assistants in your area. I got my best experience as a PCA during my schooling to become a nurse. Once you get that job, be flexible and willing to learn from new experiences. Every expereince and every nurse, good or bad, holds something to learn from. Always ask questions, demostrate a genuine interest in the patient and in your work and I'm certain that you will gain valuable experience that will serve you well as a nurse and while you're a student. Best of luck my friend...we need more of you out there. If you don't have any luck in sunny Florida...try Texas!


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Here's what I did: Got a job as a nursing assistant in a hospital. Didnt care for it too much, as it was mostly turn and wipe!

I got a job that paid me the most while in school, which was in a research field doing Phase I clinical trials. This particular job was very flexible and worked out well for me while in school.

However, during the last six months of nursing school, I did go back to work as a nursing assistant on a unit that I wanted a job on, worked hard and projected a very positive image to give the manager an impression that "Hey, this guy would be a great nurse to add to the unit!". Oh, I did get the job=)


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I totally disagree about the "turn and wipe" comment.

The best thing I could've done was get a nursing assistant and nurse tech. position while in nursing school. I learned so much from my "on the job" position while in nursing school.

Also I didn't work much while in school....but those year in two helped me get a day position fast.

I recommend going into a speciality you like. I regret not going to the E.R. or I.C.U. like I wanted to...I instead went to med. surg. b/c I heard I needed more med. surg. experience first.

I'm an R.N. now. Hospital's around where I live are so flexible.

Good luck Scott!

Thanks, folks -- for the information AND the encouragement!

My day off is tomorrow and I'm going to head out first thing to look for any PCA/nurse tech jobs available at the hospitals in my area.

Wish me luck!



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