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Medical coding...


Has 7 years experience.

Anyone leave bedside/clinic nursing for medical coding? I've been a part time LPN since 2008, and am already burned out. I really dislike nursing anymore. The thought of applying for or working any nursing job anymore makes me feel anxious & slightly depressed. I've been thinking of doing a second career for sometime now, and have posted about it before. I've been torn between medical coding and surgical technology a while, but am leaning more towards medical coding (I'm a busy mom & think it would be a good fit for me). I just applied for a part time entry level (hospital willing to train) medical coding job at a hospital about an hour away. I'd like to get something closer to home, but would just kind of like to get my foot in the door of coding. I haven't heard from the hospital yet, but hope to. Anyone leave LPN nursing for coding? It so how was your experience??