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I was just wondering if any LPNs here have done any type of LPN work as an LPN/medical coder, or other type of chart review desk job nursing. I've been an LPN since '08, and I just don't know if direct patient care is for me anymore. I've mostly worked PRN and part time since becoming an LPN in clinic type settings, but am tired of it. I have a weak stomach it seems anymore, and get stressed easier than I used to. I'd really like to get in to some type of desk LPN work... What would I need to do to get a medical coding certification? Any future in this as an LPN? Any comments appreciated, thanks!

You may want to try looking into insurance companies for LPN Case Managment/chart review positions. I was able to make this transition after doing LTC/hospice nursing for four years. I then worked as an LPN CM for five years at a LTC insurance company. I had no CM experience when I was hired, they were willing to train me since I had worked in LTC.

Hi yellowday, thanks so much for your reply. It's interesting you mentioned case management. I actually just applied for a case management LPN job locally just this weekend. I have no experience with CM nursing, but the ad said willing to train, so we shall see. I don't really have a whole lot of nursing experience. I have worked on and off since '08 part time & PRN in clinic settings. I have not been able to work full time due to being a busy mom. I'm hoping that doesn't work against me in trying to find a desk job as an LPN.

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Andreasmom2, I don't know about your area but here in Texas there are several insurance companies that hire LVNs to do case management and utilization management. (Humana, Aetna, Superior Healthcare to name a few). I would also check and see if you have any Medtronic or the like type of companies where you are, they hire LVNs also for supervisory and management positions. Good luck!

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