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Hello ladies and gentlemen , I'm currently trying to find information regarding becoming a medical assistant . Most people I've spoken to that have attend fortis college ( known and Medvance) , receive jobs from their externship site . Is this is good field to work in to obtain knowledge within the medical field ? While still aiming towards RN degree or should I look into something else ?


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Licensed Practical Nurse or Certified Nursing Assistant would be better choices for someone who wants to become an RN.

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I completed the medical assisting program in 2015, and am now attending school as a pre-nuring student. I honestly wish I took another route as a lpn or a cna. My credits for medical assisting didn't transfer over, because I would need to get a AS in administration and I chose to stick with nursing. I didn't want the stress of taking on two degrees, especially since I had zero plans to work in health administration (all schools are different).

I basically started over. Yes I gained experience in the medical field, but that experience has also sealed the deal to aim higher. Also the material learned was based on medical assistant needs, and lacked most of what the nursing degree required. For example we were taught Anatomy and Physiology, but the criteria at a college level was way more advanced and I underestimated how hard it would be. Other than what I learned in clinical, only medical terminology seemed to stick with me. Nevertheless, you can always take a medical terminology class at whatever school you attend.

I hope my advice was some help to you. Continue doing research and make your choice from there.