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i was wondering is it ok to take a medical assistant class for only 3 months and extra training for 6 months if needed also can i get certified if the school i`m interested in does`nt certify ma :confused:


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if you are in nyc there are a few medical assitant schools, but it will take longer than 3 months.

allen school


manhattan institute


those are just a few!

Hi, I'm a Medical Assitant... If you livein Northern California. there is a school called Boston Reed College ( that I graduated from and it only took 4 months total. You receive a certificate in medical assistant and you are eligible to take the board exam to become certified. I recommended this school to a lot of people and they successful passed and are working at great places.

Also, there are other career institute schools, such as Western Career College or Bryman that offer M.A. programs, however they take, I think 12 months, and although these are great schools and have good reputations.. you do not have to attend school that long to become a M.A. it's just the same as going to a 4 month program (in my opinion). I know someone who graduated from a 12 mo program and someone else who graduated from a 4 mo program, and both are working at a hospital getting the same pay.

But it's really all up to you... good luck!

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