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Medical Alerts Question

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Maybe when the sub reports to the office when the arrive, the rule has to be that the admin, or secretary checks the system for alerts... and if there are any, the sub is required to go talk to you before they go to the classroom, so that you can brief them on the situation. FERPA is not violated, because the sub is now a part of the educational team. Subs should be professional enough not to divulge such info.

Perhaps it needs to be suggested to have an in-service at the district level for all subs to train them on expectations to make sure they have all the info they need to do their job... and that includes knowing the medical needs of the students in their charge.

I'm sure no sub wants to find out for the first time that they've got a kid in the classroom with special medical needs in the midst of whatever crisis happens. I'm also sure that many of them don't even think about it, and the ones who do, probably don't know what to do to find out.

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Our subs don't have acess to our computers either, but our teachers have to leave sub folders. I ask that any emergency, or health plans be printed out and copies left in the sub folders for the subs to review.

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