Medical accidents that baffel!


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My son went to Disney World in Florida and told me this story that cracks me up every time! It is like funny codes in a way...not funny..but are!

Okay so this dude that is huge goes into a water slide, it is a free fall plus tubes that curve in a spiral. For some reason they allowed his pet Chihuahua to go with him (?)...okay this can't be anything but odd!

Needless to say at ramming speed, the man gets stuck in the tube..but thankfully (or not) the Chihuahua speeds on....poor thing goes through all the twists and turns at lightning speed towards the eventual end, where he is met by a flap with a target on it! How much pressure is there on a chihuahua at 80 mph that hits a semi permiable flap!~ Enough to live thank goodness...but quite amazing since he shot out of the tube like a bullet through an elephant gun!

The man however, was stuck! It took crews a long time to unscrew the tube to get him out. Those screws are ment to stay as is...then add pressure to the holes making the screws even tighter! Meanwhile the water is backing up! The poor guy is tummy down trying to get air! Turn off the water guys?! LOL! No he made it...

Anyway...that would so happen on my vacaction! LOL!

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"What I, and Fluffy, did on my summer vacation...."

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