Medicaid Waiver Payouts in Ohio


How many other nurses are not receiving pmt due to Medicaid?? I haven't received pay in almost five weeks. The state of Ohio owes me nearly $5000 right now. With no clue when this will be fixed. Thousands of nurses across Ohio are not getting paid because they went to a diff billing system and it has a MAJOR glitch in it. Claims are being denied due to "incorrect codes". I personally believe the state is holding our funds so they can collect the interest of the hundreds of thousands of dollars... I continue to work because I have pts that need me. I'm an independent provider for the Ohio Home Care Program. Anyome have any clue or insight as to when this may be fixed??


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I would recommend to go to the website and on that website it talks about an investigation being done by WEWS channel 5 in Cleveland Ohio about your situation. Maybe you can contact them and see if they can help you. Good luck!

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With budget cuts everyweher, there is a risk of your money, for sure. Things like you mention will become more common. I heard Texas plans to discharge 40,000 nursing home patients, and tens of thousands of LVNs will lose their jobs. Another example is CA- last year they paid staff minimum wage during budget battle discussions. Not looking good, but good luck.