Med Tech in a Nursing Home?



What exactly does a Med Tech do in an assisted living facility? I've seen a few job postings for them lately.




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Med Techs administer non-parenteral medications (non-parenteral means it's not injected --- the only exception is usually insulin). These include pills, liquids, creams, eyedrops, nebulized breathing treatments, etc. The majority of your time would be spent doing that. Med Techs may also take telephone orders from a physician (if allowed in your state), stock med carts with drugs delivered from the pharmacy, check residents' blood glucose levels, administer insulin, and count narcotics (if allowed per facility policy).

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Thanks! So, not too much heavy lifting involved! I have my CNA, as well as nurse delegation and diabetes...and phlebotomy......I have an interview for a med tech on Monday...I thought that is what was involved....sounds great!

Thanks again!


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i work at assisted living and we also do all personal care but depends on state