Med-Surg Update People!


hey peeps,

I am writing to give all you who read and contributed to my thread some months ago in regards to my sufferings working at my job. Here goes.

I hung in there, stopped applying for other jobs and decided in my mind that I won't them or anyone cheat out of what I worked hard for. The only way I am leaving my job is if I get fired or I get my 1 year experience and then move on.

Well things are looking up. I took some of your advice, hung in there and just learned as much as I could and worked harder. Things got waaaaaaaaaaay better. I work 12 hour days, it's hard but I have got the hang of things and I am rolling with everything, picking what to get angry about and letting go of the little things....the many little things, LOL. Success is hard...but nothing good in this life comes easy. I have a long way to go but I am on track.

I truly tip my hat to nurses. Amazing people....just amazing. I still agree with accepting abuse culture is very much present in well other specialties. I think that culture has been ingrained in the nursing profession...the prospect that it will change is bleak...I won't be waiting to find out. CRNA wait for me...I am coming. For progress we all have to pay our dues I guess. A few more months and I am out of this....(I will leave that up to your interpretation).

I went through h*ll and I still go through h*ll dealing with all the BS at my work place. When I get what I need...I am out of this place...without even so much as a look back.

I am so happy I did not let the negatively of management swallow me and hung in there. The turn over rate here is very high at my workplace. That's there problem, I am going to get mine. Then deuces! 3 more months! Yey!

Thanks to those who gave great advice. I am not surprised, most nurses I know are great people in so many ways.

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I hope you find your niche soon. Remember: If you love your job you never work a day in your life. Wishing that for you


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I love that you said "deuces"!! What's next on the horizon?

Thanks SwansonRN,

I am actively learning. I joined AACN, bought some books on ICU nursing and working on self study. I will take ACLS next year. I have to be proactive about my nursing career and get the most out of it.

My plan is to learn as much as I can, enroll in community college and start taking science courses that will help me be successful in CRNA school. Then eventually take my GRE.

I am also doing some nursing volunteer work. It is truly refreshing to provide my nursing services in a different setting to those who need and appreciate it.

I decided that I can make my career a laborous thing or a great thing. The nursing profession is amazing because there are so many options and a lot of room for advancement, if one chooses to do so. I plan on being successful in my nursing career, I know climbing to the top will be very hard but with time and effort i will get there. I am really loving Britney Spears new song Work B*tch, lol. Story of my career right now.


I strive to like my job, but I don't know how realistically possible that will be in med-surg. I think I will really like ICU. I hope I love it. Thank you