Med surg travel. Is it worth it?

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I'm coming up on two years on my first RN position on a Med surg floor.

I love the place I'm at but I'm seeking opportunities with better pay out west (i live in the bible belt aka what union?) via travel nursing.

As a relatively new nurse with experience on a med surg floor only (with some float to step down and progressive care) should I try and gain higher acuity experience at my facility first?

That would be a good idea. Most hospitals want to see travelers with tele experience.

It depends. I would say that you at least need to be experienced with interpreting tele strips, but med surg floors need travelers too. Also, it depends on you personally and if you feel comfortable with adapting to new environments with short (one shift) orientations, etc.

I traveled after 18 months of M/S tele experience, but I also had done an ICU internship prior to graduating, and had worked in fast paced, high acuity units and had confidence that I could succeed in a traveling situation.

If you love the place you are at though, traveling may not be worth it... Even out west the cost of living is higher and traveling can be expensive.

If you're just looking for more money, then maybe think long and hard about it. If you want to travel and experience new things, then it could be worth it for you.

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