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What is your process/didactic composition/length of orientation time for medical stepdown and surgical stepdown nurses?

We are being challenged to decrease our time the nurse is considered on orientation and not counted in the staffing mix. We are currently at 5 months for all critical care/stepdown - give or take, depending on the nurse.

Thank you for your time. Jennifer

Ours are oriented 9-13 weeks, depending on how you look at it. The first 2 weeks is didactic. The next 2 are a mix of class and floor time with preceptor emphasizing what has been covered up to that point. The next two are more on the floor (maybe one day in class). The next 3 are dysrhythmia, chest tubes, swan-Ganz, etc. and time on floor with preceptor. More intense this 3 weeks. Then they go to floor full time and work on unit specific competencies and are "still in orientation". Not on Unit budget till "out of orientation", which is usually 1-2 mo. after class time ended. So about 13 weeks, depending on the individual.

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orientation for the medical intermediate unit is @ 12 will also depend on how the nurse assesses on the PBDS.

We use a clinical based orientation book that has items that need to be competency checked off

They go on rotations with RT, PULM CNS, DIABETIC CNS, PAIN CNS, and others that may be needed

They are signed up for education cores

take a dysrhytmia test

Go to MICU for a rotation for 3 days

Basically orientation is the same for everyone, but is adjusted to what the individual may need.


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hi gang. new to the site. and need helllllp!!!! taking the med surg pbds on monday. am an lpn and have done primarily e.r./ criticl care past 10 yrs have to take the med surg pbds. anyone have a clue where to find info other than the threads? thanks

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