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Hi, I am studying to take the med-surg certification. Not sure which one I am going to take, but I have been watching lectures though ed4nurses that have been helpful. I was wondering if anyone could suggest a book or website that has just practice questions preferably by systems? There are so many on the web It's hard to distinguish which ones are reliable or similar to what will actually be asked on the test. Thank you!


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Check out AMSN, look at the resources they offer and at least book wise you can find the same resources much cheaper on amazon! Good luck! PS, if you're taking the CMSRN you can get a membership to AMSN that makes your test price cheaper and gives out monthly free CE's.


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I just took the certification exam today (and passed). I downloaded the AMSN app on my phone and iPad, they had like 250+ questions with rationales, and I believe you could break it down by body system.

I also purchased a few test packs from (exam edge). Same deal here, they give you 100+ questions per exam, at the end you can look back through your results and see rationales.