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Med Surg Book Question

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My med surg clinical instructor told us to buy a Medical Surgical Disease Handbook, she said it didn't matter which one as long as it contained a broad spectrum of diseases. Does anyone have any books that they would recommend? I have no idea what to buy. Thank You in advance. :nuke:


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Is this in addition to your textbook or do you mean a medical dictionary?

If you mean a medical dictionary, Taber's is really good. If you mean a supplement to your text book, the NURSING MADE ICREDIBLY EASY series is very good. It's really easy to understand, they have then in many different topics, I have the med-surg one, I used it a lot during my med-surg semester, it's a good supplement to the reading.

Both med surg books (popular ones) I had, had a smaller version of the book that was just a disease guide. They were "pocket size" (didnt quite fit in pocket though) I know people who have had both, and liked both. Searcg online to get ideas. I have also found that Amazon has good reviews from nursing students and teachers. (post there too when you are done :wink2:)

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