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We have an Ativan protocal that my floor is to follow for acute alcohol withdrawal. The route and dose depends on the patients score. Throughout the night my pt scored a 10 - 14 and Ativan was IVP 4-6mg (should have been on a drip, but they wouldn't authorize a transfer to ICU); later in my shift patient scored 8, Ativan 2mg. The protocol sheet called for an IM or PO route not IVP. I chose IM because pt was not cooperative with PO route. Later when I was reviewing my meds, the doc had written out IVP as the route. The protocal sheet for our floor called for PO, IM, IVP depending on the score. Did I make a med error? I will ask the supervisor also. I just feel awful.

leslie :-D

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if it is an error, it's a minor one. you were going per protocol.

when i've done that, i just call the doc to give her the heads up.



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Just have the doc write the order to say " per xxx protocol". You do it for standing sliding scale insulin, why not for Ativan.

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