Med math test at start of nursing school?

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same way here we have a dosage cal test every semester, however in my program we have med modules to do which is very tedious and lengthy but it helps tons for the test, we have an iv module that's due when we get back in the fall. i could scan the last few pages from my fundamentals mod and email it to a few of you of that helps but there are practice problem on the internet. you basically solve the problems by implementing conversions which could include gr(grains), mg, ml, units or mcg(micrograms), using methods of dimensional analysis, formula method or ratio-proportion in which 3 sessions per method were offered in the weeks before the test. we had to attend 2 tutoring sessions didn't matter which method, you could even go to the same one twice, i personally went to formula and dimensional analysis. i hate ratios so i knew that wasn't going to even be an option, i found the formula method to be confusing even though you would think just putting values in formulas would be simple it came off as complex and needed too many steps for my liking. now da i love and find it to be the most simple way of doing dosage problems but we all have our different learning styles and you will just have to find the one that is right for you! we had to make a 90 to pass, i made a 100, you only have 2 chances and if you don't make it the 2nd time you are asked to leave the program. at the time of our exam we still have about 45 students and i think 5 or 6 failed the first go-round and they all passed the second test. be careful to double check your work and no trailing zeros [one of my classmates had to take it again solely for this!] i know yall are anxious but this is really the time to relax because the fall is going to be like something you've never experienced before.