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I'm a new nurse working at a LTC facility. I am still in training, I was passing meds Friday with another nurse. She asked if I could handle it by myself and I thought I could. Well she went to the nurses station and let me pass meds by myself. I have been worrying myself sick for the past two days because I think I gave the wrong antibiotic to a resident. I didn't tell anyone and I don't know if I should since I won't be working till Tuesday. Any advice on what to do because I am very fearful of loosing my license and job.


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Med errors happen- if it continually happens it becomes an issue- there is no real need to worry about loosing you license and job over one incident. Since you only 'think' you made an error, next time you are at work, talk about it with your preceptor and ask for any tips that can help you.


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Med errors are not uncommon and not unexpected. Be honest with your preceptor when you go back so she can help you work to prevent any future errors. What happened to make you think you made an error? Figure out what you can do differently next time!

For what it's worth, I've made my fair share of med errors and have only learned from them. If you are honest and work to prevent them I don't see why you would ever lose your job or licence.

Good luck!