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Mechanical Lift Competency/Training.

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Have you ever had training/competency on a Mechanical lift that was fun? Every year, its the same old thing. Lie down, roll over and up you go!

**I'd like to offer management a fun alternative to this yearly required competency. Have you ever participated in a mechanical lift competency that was fun? If so, please share. My colleagues will thank you, you shall have full credit when I offer your alternative. I promise to post the outcome.

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roser13, ASN, RN

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Can you think of a more fun, imaginative way to present the same-old, year after year required competency?

If you can, sign up for the committee that plans the annual competency training. Make the change that you want to see. Much better than complaining from the sidelines.

I live by a strict tenet: If I cannot contribute to a solution, I don't complain.


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I couldn't imagine one, that's why I asked. :)

I would really like to offer a fun, more imaginative suggestion to work through this required competency this year. I thought asking 969,000 nursing professionals might lead to something.


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