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I have been an occupational health nurse for 15 years and am now going to work in long term care. There are words in medical terminology that weren't there way back when. Can someone tell me what MDS means, as in MDS Coordinator?


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MDS is minimum data set. The MDS coordinator oversees the entire process- care planning, assessments, documentation, etc

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during my final year in nursing school i worked as an mds data entry clerk at a long-term care facility. the nurses i worked with basically were responsible for performing assessments (pt/ot, nutrition, psych, mobility, continence/incontinence, etc.) on all of the residents in medicare/medicaid on admission, 5-day, 30-day, 60-day, 90-day, quarterly, annually, etc. basis. it is mandated by federal law. once the assessments were completed, i was responsible for submitting them, electronically, to the state. this has to be done by the facility if they want to be reimbursed for services rendered to the resident.

while working in this position, i found that there are very few (...not many...) nurses who are trained in mds. the position requires, organization, prioritization and if nothing else, the ability to meet deadlines (...miss a deadline, you (the facility) won't get paid!!!...) and good communication skills (you must be able to communicate professionally, with all departments) in order to complete a resident's assessment.

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This actually sounds like fun to me...but I'm OCD so, I can see myself going nuts with post-its and highlighters :) Ahhhh to think of an actual office and desk for these things!!!!

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