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*quick history: home for the holidays from travel nursing, picked up PRN RN shifts at hometown NH, 28 residents, I've worked here some part of every year for 23yrs.

     the owner/admin for my facility has suffered a severe stroke, and the acting DON has never worked in LTC (she's been here "untrained" since OCT. '22). The DON usually does MDS here also.

    I have been a DON for years in LARGE facilities, & I usually have several MDS coordinators. I'm not even going to try to lie & say I have ANY IDEA what I'm doing, but the MDS were given to ME! after we did a records review for 1st quarter. The MDS haven't been done since OCT '22. The last batch exported says "review required. submit by 12/2/2022". There are 5 residents who have discharged or passed away since January and they're still in as current. MY "SCHEDULED" PAGE LOOKS LIKE IT'S ON FIRE, its so RED. What do I do with all these missed ARD, deaths, discharges, sig.changes that should've been done?? some are almost 3 assessments deep now. AND what needs to be done with the "review required"?? this is a private owned place. I LITERALLY HAVE NOBODY. any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated... and prayers...sage?? of matches and a good alibi?? (jkjkjk).

Thanks Yal.