What is a reasonable caseload

  1. I interviewed yesterday for an MDS coordinator position in the SNF portion of a LTC facility. Now that I have had time to digest the information it serms, as a nwecomer to this role, that the interview has left me with more questions rhan answers. The facility has 36 SNF/acute care beds. There are 44 private rooms as well that I am not sure I would be responsible for or not. I was told that they do 50-60 admits and 50-60 discharges/month. I didn't think at the time to ask if that is the number I would be reesponsible for, or if that is the whole facility number - LTC and SNF. My question is - if that is the case load (plus all the obligations for the inpatients),is that even a doable number. As I said, after having a day to think about all the information, I have A LOT more questions. If they are still interested in me, I think a second interview is in order, but I wanted to get some expert thoughts on what a reasonable SNF caseload is. I don't mind hard work, but I am certainly not wanting 60 or more hour weeks on a regular basis. Any info you can give me on reasonable loads, amount of time it takes to do the MDS assessments, etc. that could help me determine if the parameters of the job meet my ability to do it in a manner that still gives me work/life balance are appreciated.
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