Rug calculations on Validation reports

  1. Here is the scenario: when we get back the validation reports on PPS assessments, there is a place where the score is shown, but then underneath that, there are messages that the RUG has been recalculated (now I wish I actually had a copy of the validation here at home with me to refer to) and the RUG is a non-therapy one.
    Is everyone else getting the same thing? Or is it just us? Have no idea and wanted to ask.
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  3. by   GRACERN47
    My team is also having all sorts of problems with not only Rugs but dates etc. I think ours is a program related problem Good luck , know how you feel!
  4. by   rukiddingme
    Found out the validation problem IS related to the SOFTWARE. But, glad to hear we're not the only ones with software issues.