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    I am trying to read the MDS 2.0 User's Manual, it is soooo long But I really want to learn everything I can so I can do a good job. The person training me had me do the Quarterly's last week, and next week I will do some annuals, the manual makes more sense to me since I am doing the MDS's I tried to read it before hand and it didn't make any connection to anything so it did n't make much sense to me. I read a good tip on this site about condensing some of the careplan problems so they do not become to long, very good idea I am going to use that. If anyone has any other tips please share them. They hired me and really took a chance on me because I do not have MDS experience so I want to make sure they do not regret the decision to hire me. I really want to do well.
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    CMS has online MDS training at http://www.mdstraining.org/ . You have to register but it's free. IPro, which is New York State's quality improvement organization had Andrea Platt (one of the big MDS gurus) to do a workshop a couple of years ago and they put the audio files online at http://www.providers.ipro.org/index/...onferences-mds . It's actually on the enhanced quality measures but she actually makes it more of a MDS boot camp. There are 6 files, each about 45 minutes long. Burn each file to a cd or ipod and listen at your leisure. The MDS can be a tricky document but will become much easier with time. It is really just a collection of x number of questions with crazy rules about the timing of filling it out. Thats really understated, but anyway, good luck with things.