Interview Wed.

  1. Hey everyone, I have an interview Wed. for LPN staff nurse position. They mentioned they have a MDS cordinator's position open but was not sure if I had any experience. Understanding my chances are slim to get a MDS position, I have researched and find it appeals to me. I feel I am organized, detailed, and like to care plan. I have seen many LPN's go into MDS without experience. What qualities, job performances might they be looking for?
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  3. by   flashpoint
    You have to be very detail oriented...and very punctual. It's also a big plus to acually enjoy paperwork. Something that is important to me is to still be willing to help out on the floor even though I normally sit in an makes a big difference when you are doing the MDS if you actually know the resident. It also takes a lot of patience...sometimes families can drag the simplest care plan out for hours!