How Beneficial is an AANAC Membership?

  1. I just finished the RAC-CT class, but my administrator somehow didn't understand the fine print and signed me up for the class without getting me an AANAC membership. I know you don't have to join to be an RAC-CT, but a lot of people in my class said that membership helps a lot when you are working.

    So...would it be worth it for me to join on my own? I know the $110 fee isn't going to break me or anything, but I sure don't want to spend it if it doesn't make a difference?
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  3. by   edhcinc
    It really depends what you are looking for.
    AANAC has no more information about the MDS or RAI process than is available to the general public on the CMS website--but the AANAC site does GUIDE its members to the information.
    Some people learn something better in a classroom setting, some are "independent" learners. Some people find the AANAC listserv to be supportive...but just like this listserv, sometimes answers are not as "correct" as you are looking for...
    Some staff who went to the AANAC certification courses felt that they learned nothing more than I had taught them over the years--the value of the courses sometimes depends on the instructor. Don't maintain certification, you must continue to pay yearly and pay for continuing courses.
    If your employer feels that certification and AANAC membership makes you more qualified, and is willing to PAY for it, GO FOR IT!!
    But there are ways to get information for free...HC Pro has a website which allows you to sign up for various newsletters...Caralyn Davis keeps the SNF/PPS newsletter updated...and you can get the information automatically delivered to your e-mail...and it is FREE. (am NOT advertising for HC PRO, truly...). CMS also hosts a monthly SNF ODF--free.
    The MDS 3.0 will not, hopefully, have as much "mystique" as 2.0...the directions will be clearer, with less room for "expert interpretation." So you will have to weigh the value of AANAC membership...
  4. by   Callinurse
    I like being a member of AANAC because I can ask them for guidance and count on their answers being 100% gold. I also like being able to look up anything fform anytime on their website.

    Of course the bottom line benefit you get a break on all the classes. The membership is 110.00 and if you where a member your class would have been 200.00 discounted.

    The other difference I notice is that potential employers respect the membership almost like you are a cut above the rest.

    You can join their message boards similair to this one for free. If you are interested. It is not as active as this board. I actually found out about this board from that one.

    Happy MDS travels,

  5. by   mrstaw
    I am an LVN in Texas,also a member of AANAC doing medicare mds. I believe the more involved you get into things related to mds on your own will show your company ang others you are that much interested in doing what you do. It helps to be a member of any professional organization....shows your professionalism and positive attitude
  6. by   ibtootie
    I recently joined AANAC, and have found that, even though the same information can be found on the CMS website, AANAC's information is far more user friendly and has less "government speak". I am the first to admit that am NOT computer literate, and AANAC's site is easier to maneuver in and out of than CMS.