MDS Coordinator or Coding Certification Advice?


Hi Everyone! I am a Licensed Practical Nurse for 2 decades looking to get certified in either Medical Coding or Resident Assessment. Both certifications are nationally recognized, so they will be honored wherever in the US I may go, which is great. However, I am having a tough time deciding and hoped someone out there may have traveled this path before and may have some advice. The 2 certifications I have narrowed it down to are CPC via AAPC and RAC-CT via AANAC. I wonder which career path would utilize my nursing knowledge the most? Just looking for some friendly advice from anyone wanting to weigh in with their experience or advice. Thanks in advance and have a safe and happy Fourth!

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for both of those, I believe that you have to have experience. Do you and in what? For coding, most employers look at experience, not certs

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I do not have any coding experience except ICD10 as needed for admissions and lab testing, etc. I have a lot of assessment experience, however it is mainly focused in the Assisted Living arena. Each position I look at states that certification is required in order to apply.