MDS 3.0--CMS revised/updated information

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More specific information referencing MDS 3.0 version 0.26 (someone seems pretty serious about going forward with this version...):cry:

  1. For States who plan to continue to use RUGs III for MA billing

  2. MDS 2.0 to 3.0 ver 0.26 "crosswalk"--added, removed, revised

  3. Section S--current content--If a state wants to continue to collect additional information, each State (with help of CMS) must program own section information and assure vendor compliance. (It is unclear how data would actually be "pulled" and transmitted to the State, since MDS will be transmitted directly to CMS...)

Don't forget to submit comments re: MDS 3.0 version 0.26, CATS, RUGs IV, STRIVE to CMS--they are due by June 30, 2009.

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