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Hello! I'm starting nursing school in the fall and I'm trying to decide on a stethoscope. I originally wanted the cardiology 3 but it is too expensive for me. So now I'm trying to narrow it down to the MDF 777 or the littmann classic 2 SE. Which one is better? Any other recommendations? I definately want one that is single tubed with double heads. Thanks

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I have the Littman Cardio 3, so I am going to be biased here. Having said that though, it was a Christmas present, else I wouldn't have been able to afford it. What I can tell you is this. I did home health this summer, and would go in and do baths for Medicare patients, and one lady nobody could ever get her b/p. Ever. Nobody's stethoscope would pick it up, and the automatic kits wouldn't get it either. I took it first time, and she was also a dementia patient so she wasn't the most still person either, but I got her b/p. I could hear it clearly. You would be amazed at what you can hear with it. I'm still considering testing it out on the door the next time one of my roommates are on the phone just to see if I can hear the conversation with it too! LOL I really like mine, and would not trade it for anything. It's double sided, so you get peds and adult, and it has a bell too for infants, they also engrave it for free. Get a cover, get it engraved, and chain it around your neck. I cannot tell you how many people lose scopes either during clinicals or afterwards just because they put them down and someone else picks them up...with the best of intentions I'm sure. If nursing is going to be a lifelong career and you already know it, don't skimp on your equipment, you never know when you're going to need it, or when the person on the other end of the scope is going to need you to have a really good one. If you arent sure if nursing is for you, then just get something that will get you through clinicals and school then decide.

I also got the MDF 777 over the classic II. I'm a student and figured what saves me money is better. Plus MDF had lifetime part replacement and warrant as Littman ha a 2 year warranty. I plan to get cardiology 3 when I make that nurse money. Go to the store and try out both.

I just ran into a nurse I work with on the floor and he also has the 777. He tells me that he prefers the MDF over the classic. He can hear a lot more then the Littman. I feel good about my purchase now. The guy is a high speed ER nurse. I'll take his word for it.

Thanks for the replies!! My friend who is an RN let me try out her MDF 777 and I really like it! So, I think I'm going to go with it! The price tag on it is great too!

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