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Hi, I am on my second semester at MDC, generic fulltime program. . . .

I was wondering if anyone has any advise in how to cope/manage with this semester, especially in summer term.

I have my first test for Med-Surg and Pharm next week, and I don't get the content.

thanks :eek:

Hi msgonzalez -

We may have a class together - I'm GFT/2nd semester right now; all A's last semester, this semester: B-C's. I have had this same conversation about 4 times in the last week - it's on the minds of a lot of us. Basically, it's a LOT of material and a short time to learn it, which is generally true of the whole program, but especially this semester (!)

For me, I have had quite a bit of distraction in my personal life so far this summer, but that has to change. I'm switching tactics to improve my grades in the second half of the term. First - I'll be putting in more time on the Pharm and actually making the note cards by hand; also, from the tests, I'm going to make sure that I put all the emphasis on the side effects/nursing implications, because that's really what Pharm for nursing is all about.

Then, for med/surg, again there is SO much content; however, the tests again put a lot of emphasis on recognizing signs & symptoms of the conditions and complications, plus nursing implications, so my focus will be there. I'll still read all the text assigned, but I'll use Prof. Etienne's powerpoints and the curriculum to direct my reading, and the blueprint study guides as a worksheet to review before an exam. For instance, with the Respiratory unit, the text covers 200+ pages of all kinds of stuff, but the powerpoints focus on asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, penumonia & tuberculosis - all about recognizing the s/s, knowing the complications, and knowing the appropriate nursing care for each. If I had focused myself more and not been so distracted, I could have aced it.

Finally, for the clinicals, I've got to get a better grip on the amount of time it takes me to work through a complete careplan; it's not that I don't have an idea of what to do, it's that after researching my patient's specific health story, it takes me too long to organize myself and get it all down. Plus I want to be thorough, because I'm starting to think about the exam at the end of the term. To that end, I've just ordered a book of care plans, and hopefully, that will do the trick.

Hope this helps!


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Hi !

any advise for any new students ? I will start the program on Aug 24 generic full time.


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