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Does anyone work at MD Anderson in Houston? I applied for a per diem job thinking that it would be a good place to regain some perspective of why nursing is important to me.

Anyways, what is nurse/patient ratio? Overall what do you like/dislike? Just any info would be great!

Thanks a gazillion!


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I'm a traveling nurse and currently on assignment at MD Anderson. This is by far the best hospital I've ever worked at. Not only is it top of the line with new treatments for cancer which has been an amazing experience, but the staff is wonderful. Everybody works so well together, and not once have a felt like a traveler there. By that, I mean all my other assignments I get the worst patients and usually feel "out of the loop" with the full time staff. From my first day I was accepted and have made some wonderful friends here. You'll love it here if you start...I guarantee!! Best of luck


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What is the nurse/patient ratio? Do you ever feel understaffed?


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I work Bone Marrow Transplant and our ratio is no more then 3:1. I think less critical areas are no more then 5:1. I've been there a little over 3 months now and only 1 time did I feel we were understaffed. The teamwork there is great, so it really wasn't that bad


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I know this is a little past the dates the previous responses were written...but thought I would give it a shot......I will be graduating in December with a BSN coming from Madison, Wisconsin....I recently applied to the New Graduate postion at M.D. Anderson about two weeks ago and haven't heard anything.....Does anyone know of a "connection" or contact that would be useful? I am interested in the area of BMT and have worked as an extern on a Heme/Onc/BMT unit at UW Hospitals. Thanks in advance!!!!

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