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MCV commute from Glen Allen & Chester


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Hey all,

I am currently in Richmond, VA looking for housing and am looking for some input or advice regarding the commute to Richmond's MCV campus from Glen Allen (taking 64 to MCV) and the commute from Chester (taking hwy 10 to I95 to MCV). I am particularly concerned about rush hour traffic coming from these areas to MCV in the morning, as it seems that it takes at least 20 minutes to reach MCV from anywhere outside of downtown Richmond (the VCU campus). I am hoping that someone on the forum can provide some advice, as I do not want to make a mistake and regret my decision. Let me know what you think. Thanks!


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If your classes are during the day downtown Richmond you need to allow yourself at least a hour because there are always traffic delays on I64 heading downtown Richmond. Along with allowing time for parking and getting to your classes on time. So if your classes starts at say 8am....I would at least give yourself an extra hour to get there due to traffic. You could always go some place and study before class if you get there early. I rather be early then be stressed out in traffic and be late. I would suggest you drive over a weekend and check out places to park....and how far it takes to arrive to the building where your classes are. Traffic in Richmond can be unpredictable. Also you need to know how to get off on different exits in case there are delays on I64. Please also understand all that construction that is happening west end area of Richmond on I64 which can contribute to delays.

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