MCPHS BSN January 2012


Hey everyone - just signed up here to browse the posts and see if anyone else is going to be attending MCPHS next year.

I'll be starting in January '12 for the accelerated BSN program, Worcester campus. :D


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Hi rframed12! I just found out today that I got accepted too to the Worcester campus for January 2012!



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Great! Congratulations!:yeah:

I'm looking forward to meeting everyone. Hopefully I/we can also get a bit of a head start on books and other logistics.

Do you plan to live on campus? (I'll be living off campus)

What's your first degree in? Mine is biology.


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I'm from southern California, so I am not really comfortable with the area, so I am most likely going to live on campus! Since I am not from the area, do you know if a car is required? Just curious, cause it's a pretty far drive from California to Massachusetts.

My first degree is in Family Studies and Human Development.


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A car isn't "required" and I guess it depends on your finances and preferences whether you bring one or not...

I can't say Worcester's public transportation is too wonderful, but if you plan to hang around in the city working on school you would probably be okay. There's also a large bus station nearby if you want to get out of town. Hope that helps somewhat.


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hi everyone! congratulations on your acceptances! im applying to mcphs for jan '12 and was wondering if you could offer any advice. i really appreciate it!!


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Sorry it has taken so long to reply! Did you send in your application yet? Good luck! (As for advice, I don't know specifically for MCPHS, but overall, proofread and be yourself would be my advice at this stage ;)


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Hi everyone!

I'm Molly and I'll be starting Jan 2012 at the Worcester campus as well. I'm excited to meet everyone :)

Hi everyone! I was just accepted to the Jan 2012 Worcester campus program! Can't wait to meet everyone! I smell study groups in the near future :)


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Hello Everyone!!! im soo excited to join this forum!!! CONGRADS to everyone on their acceptance into the spring 2012 worcester program!!! I just had my interview today so im very excited and nervous!!! did anyone else go through the interview process??

I did not have an interview, I found out pretty quickly- within a week of applying that I was accepted. I hope to see you in January!!