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MCI VA Beach

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Hello all,

I am new to this site and have been considering going to MCI in VA Beach. I've gone back and forth, weighed the pros and cons and I feel like it's the right thing to do for me, but I don't want to make a 40+k mistake. I went to their discovery day and fell in love with their facility. It's quite nice. I just would like to know some individuals recent personal experience there.. How were your classes, teachers, payment plan (if any), etc.. My plan is to get my associates there and go to ODU for my BSN.

Thanks in advance. :)


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I graduated there in 2012. Overall, the program was decent. Most of our instructors were great, although I know several have left. After talking with other folks, I don't think it was significantly better or worse than any other in the area. Our class had a 100% NCLEX pass rate. I'd weigh why you want to go there over another program though, because it is really expensive in comparison. In my case, my husband was set to move and any of the other programs would have meant living apart for at least a year, between the time before I could start and in how much longer it would take. The money wasn't such a big deal because I used part of my husband's GI Bill. If we had been staying in the area, I would have probably done ODU to begin with.

As it was, I got my AAS. at MCI, then almost immediately started my BSN through ODU. I'm done with that now, and it was the right way to go for me.


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