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First of all, I just want to point out how appreciative I am of this community and how helpful it has been. Thanks!

I was hoping to get answers from anyone who have experience or knowledge about the Medical College of Georgia Nursing program at the Athens campus. are the MCG students also UGA students? Do they have access to the UGA campus like regular students? Or are they completely separate concerning student privileges.

Also, I was wondering what test the MCG traditional BSN program requires to apply. I've seen the NET mentioned in other thread but I don't see it on the MCG SON website anywhere.

I appreciate all replies! Thanks again.


Hi CC,

This is what I know. There is no agreement with UGA so far as I know. I graduated from UGA, but took all me nursing pre-reqs at Athens Tech. I have applied for early admission (deadline was Oct. 15). There is no "test" like the TEAS or NLN required at MCG. They look at your SAT verbal, GPA, references, work/health-care history, community service and essay. Like all nursing programs, it is very competitive, so I have no clue how I stack up. The net application deadine is December 1. The counselor told me that early applicants who are accepted hear sometime before Christmas. If you don't make it, your app rolls over into the December bunch. Those folks know sometime maybe February or so. If you don't make it, you have to start over and try to figure out where you need to improve to be more competitive.

Hope this helps a little. Good luck to you!

Thanks for mentioning what they look out for. You post is a huge help! I wish you the best applying to MCG. I'm guessing you applied for the Athen's campus as well. Good luck!


Hey you two!

I'm currently a student at MCG nursing, and the athens and augusta campus has no affiliation with UGA. Like chabco said, they look at SATs, GPA, and community service/volunteering/experience

I hope you both get in! I know some people got acceptance letters in december and it got me really worried, but keep hope! they send out letters until the end of feb!

best of luck!

I applied early admissions for the BSN 2011 and I received my acceptance letter in the mail today for the Athens Campus! So maybe you will hear sometime soon. Good Luck!

Congratulations! So far I haven't heard anything. I know the competition is really fierce. When I check on my application status, it says that it is "ready for review." It has said that same thing for awhile now. If you don't mind me asking, what does yours say? Now that you have heard, it really makes me nervous! Again, congratulations. I know you must really be excited.

godawgssmh, it will turn into "decision made" and they ONLY notify you by mail. I tried calling to see if I got in after it was posted and they only reveal acceptance/denial through mail. Bummer! but oh well! good luck! and dont be so nervous! the letters will keep rolling out til early next year!

oh, and fyi:

most people who hear early get into the Athens campus, if you hear later it >usually

Thanks so much for the info and the support. I am trying not to be nervous and just take it one day at a time, but it's hard when people begin to hear and you don't. Like you said, though, there is still time to hear good news!

Yeah my status says "Decision made by Admissions Committee; notification is by mail". And yeah, if you hear later than december it does usually mean that you have been accepted to the augusta campus or you can choose a waiting list for athens.

oh yeah! i went to Gainesville my sophomore year and this girl in my class got her letter in the beginning of December! So my heart definitely sunk some! But there's still hope :) I didnt my letter til the middle of Feb and I think some even came out later than that! Just keep your head up and pray hard!

Thank you godawgsmh! I am very excited. I hope you all get accepted!!

Hi everyone!

I just got my acceptance letter for the Athens campus in the mail today!

I got waitlisted last year, so this is like a dream come true. :] I hope everybody else gets the letters they are waiting for, I know it sucks waiting. I didn't find out that I wasn't going to get in last year until classes started and I never got a call.

Good luck to all y'all!

Congratulations cbailey! I know you must really be excited and relieved all at the same time.

When you were waitlisted last year, did you do anything to improve your chances (retake classes, SAT, etc) or did you just hope for the best? I applied for early admission and have no idea how I stack up against what I know is fierce competition. This waiting makes you crazy, doesn't it?

Congratulations again. Now you can move on with your life and career.


I didn't retake any classes because I didn't want to use up any more HOPE hours, haha. I was a junior already when I applied, because I spent my first year at UGA undecided. My SAT scores were already pretty good, but my GPA when I applied the first time was only hovering around a 3 point.... 17 I think? With my Spring '10 classes, it went up a bit to over a 3.2, so I think those new grades and my work experience (not healthcare related though) in the year between helped me. Or maybe they just reward persistence? Lol, who knows.

Good luck!!!


Thanks for your input. One quick question. My verbal SAT is 510. Was your a lot higher? My GPA is okay, I think, at around 3.4 after graduating from UGA. I have worked at ARMC all through college and since graduation, so at least I have that experience. Based on what you know, how are my chances? Thanks for your counsel.

Verbal SAT score was 710, and math somewhere between six and 700. I think that work experience pertinent to whatever you're applying for can really be something that pushes you over the edge, because it shows you're truly interested and of course the ones who are really invested are the ones who succeed. But I couldn't tell you for sure about your chances. I knew a girl last year that got in who bulked up her GPA with a bunch of dumb classes that I'd be ashamed if I got anything less than a 97 in. I was honestly just shocked she made it, given her performance in some of the prerequisites like anatomy and microbio. And then I got in, with only a 3.2. It seems like they're looking for a pretty diverse class.

I hear early decision apps are going out up until nearly Christmas, right? You still got time to find out in this round! :]

I'd love to know how classes at MCG work? For instance are clinicals twice a week, and lectures 3 days a week? Or is it a 3 or 4 day a week program? I'd love any information!