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Hello to all!

I have applied for early admission to MCG's BSN program. Hopefully, there are more folks out there in my same situation, so maybe we can compare notes.

I have a BS from UGA (non-nursing) and have worked at Athens Regional for five years (while in college and after graduation - full time). I am finishing up my pre-reqs at Athens Tech now. My GPA is 3.5. I graduated from HS in 2002, and my SAT scores were not very good. Maybe a 480 verbal??? Who can remember that far back anyway?

I was wondering if anyone out there has any input on the criteria for admission. I know what MCG says, but the competition is stiff out there, and I know from talking to MCG students at the hospital that scores, etc. were much higher than published.

Hope there are fellow students like myself out there who would like to collaborate and support each other. Looking forward to hearing from you guys.

Hi! I applied early admissions for the BSN Summer 2011 program! I hate that we have to wait so long to find out whether we got accepted or not. Im already freaking out! haha. We can support each other!

Glad to hear from you! It does seem like really long time - I'm freaking, too. Got to relax, though. Hope you have really good news. A lot of hard work is involved in this.

Do you know when they will begin sending out acceptance letters? I am also enrolled at ATC and I am tring to decide to apply to to that program too?

Early application deadline was Friday, October 15. The next deadline is December 1. From what I hear from others in the program, the early applicants who got in heard sometime before Christmas. Others didn't hear until January - some February. I think they let you know just when they want to - they don't set a deadline for themselves! Good luck to you.

Did the students in the program ever mention the quality of the program? Student/teacher relationships? For example I heard the GSU Nursing program is great for how teachers put a lot of positive effort towards their students. But since you're applying, you must have heard good things right?


Yes, I have heard from lots of folks about MCG. I work at ARMC and have for five years while attending UGA. There are lots of students here from MCG and ATC, and the MCG students all say they feel very supported by the teaching staff. ATC students don't feel that same support and seem to have a much harder time. They do come out with a good education and clinical experience and have almost a 100% pass rate on boards which is really good. I never even considered ATC because of that reason. I don't know anything about GSU, but I'm sure they have a great program, too. Good luck with whatever decision you make!

I didn't apply to the early admission, but I did just apply for regular admission into the Summer 2011 BSN program. I am really curious about the applicant pool. I read that the mean GPA was 3.5 and the score for the ACT English portion was 23-27. My GPS is a 3.5 and I received a 29 on the English portion of the ACTs, however I have very little volunteer experience which I have also heard is key. I am 32, working and taking classes full time; leaves very little time for community service. Has anyone else heard anything about the number of applicant the Athens campus receives or how competitive the application process really is?

I applied early admissions for the BSN 2011 and today I received my acceptance letter in the mail for the Athens Campus!! I was not expecting to hear so soon. Hope you all hear soon too!

That's really awesome that you got in. Could you tell us about your GPA, SAT scores, and volunteer experience? Also, could you tell us if you got interviewed before the decision was made? You may prove me wrong since I believe that if the application status reads "decision made" without an official interview, it's a major rejection clue. If you did get interviewed, can you remember any of the questions?

thank you! i am in my second year of college and my gpa is a 4.0. i sent in my act score and not my sat score but they convert your act score over to a sat score. my verbal was around 550 after they converted it from act to sat. i don’t think that my score was a very competitive score but i think my gpa and volunteer experience helped me. i had a lot of volunteer experience because i did apprenticeship with healthcare professionals for 2 years. there was no interview! they just look at your gpa, sat, experience, letters of recommendation, and your essay. i hope i didn’t forget anything and i hope this helps! good luck!

I'd ask for you to email me your essay, but I don't think that you will >_<. in terms of the volunteer experience was it something like hours or did you just put years also have to repeat any classes make a that possible>

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