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MCC-Spring 2011 Students


For those of us who were accepted at MCC for spring 2011, I thought we could start our own thread! We can introduce ourselves and share any helpful info with eachother (ie. CPR places, shot places, scrub places, cheap books, etc, etc!)

I will go first...My name is Melanie and I had a 2/20/09 date stamp. I only had one option, MCC, which is why it probably took so long! I am currently a SAHM but now that my kids are both in school, its time for me to hit the books as well! I am looking foward to the program, but am also pretty nervous, as I hear all the time how time consuming and hard it is! But, like 'they' say (who is they by the way?!), nothing good ever comes easy! Looking forward to meeting you all!!

Hello! Congratulations az_melanie !!! I also had a 2/20/09 timestamp. I got into MCC Spring 2010 which was my first choice and the only program I really wanted to get into! I am beyond thrilled and yet a little nervous too. I am really looking forward to school :yeah: I wish I knew the schedule already! If anyone has any advice about the program... what to expect, how to prepare, etc please feel free to post! I am so excited I will appreciate any information :D

Congrats bellabarbiegirl too :)! My friend just started the MCC RN program this past Aug and her schedule is as follows:

Mon/Tues lecture from 9-1 or 2.

Wed/Thurs are lab days and they run 7:30-3. The first 8 weeks or so you have lab at school and then about halfway through the semester you start your clinicals at a LTC center. She had 5 options (different times/locations) with 3 or 4 being 7a-3p (or so) OR 2-10pm (or so).

She said that she studies all the time and that most people formed some sort of a study group pretty fast. She said that the girl sitting next to her wasn't taking things seriously the first few weeks and is not passing! Anyway, she keeps telling me to enjoy like now and get all the tv shows, reading, and house projects done now while you have the chance :)!

I got accepted into MCC in Spring 2011..My name is Katie and i had a date and time stamp of 2-20-09. There is a great store to get all your gear for school, it is called Apperal Pro on University and 52nd st. I was just there yesterday and they have the lists of every schools requirements. They have the MCC uniform there. I bought 2 sets of scrubs for about $80. They are not that good looking, just royal blue. The best thing about that place is you get 25% off because you are a nursing student! I am so excited to start school!! it has been a long wait! Congrats everyone!

Hi Katie-Nice to meet you!! Yeah, it has been a long wait, that is for sure. Did you get your CPR card yet? I got mine last week. The lady who taught our class was hilarious and it was only $25! LMK if you want the info.

Are you going to buy your books on Amazon or through the bookstore? Also, did you see that there are two review classes one for math and one for a regular review? I am trying to decide if I am going to do it. I will probably do the regular review, but not the math one. My friend is in block one right now and she said she kinda wishes she wasnt doing the math one, esp if you are comfortable with math.

So far, the people that got into MCC were all date stamped Feb. I wonder if there were others? I only had MCC as my choice, as I don't want to drive farther than I have to. Did you just have one choice?

congratulations to all of you starting in january! i am currently in block 1 at mcc and it's great, scary, stressful and at times overwhelming. do get all of your tv watching in now, because there will be very little " goof off" time once school starts. i am spending my 30 minutes of " goof off" tme right now...lol..as for those two classes,i recommend both of them. i am pretty good at math, but i still benefited from the class. questions are asked by students and answered by the instructor that may not come up during lecture. also the math class only last for half of the semester. we had our last one last monday. as far as books go, you may want to wait until after orientation to purchase if you are interested in e-books at all. they made a bundle offer available to us at orientation that allowed students to save some money. i bought mine over the summer, mostly used and was able to save money, but it only worked for me because i had no interest in the e-books. the bundle includes both the hard copy books and the e-books. anyway, just some pointers in case you are interested. i was dying to find out information when i was in your shoes and it was very difficult to come by. the best of luck to all of you and once again congratulations!!!!

Thanks apatientlywaiting for the info! My friend is in there too, I am sure you know her. Anyway, good to know about the review course. I had no idea it was only 8 weeks. Are both classes 8 weeks or just the math one? If that is the case, I'll definitely take them. Do you guys start your LTC clinics here shortly? I bet you are excited to actually get out in the field. SO exciting for you too :).

Hey Melanie! i have not heard anything about a review class for math or a regular review. Is it before school starts or during block 1? I do need to take the CPR class. Where did you get yours? Also i think i am just going to buy my books at the bookstore. I picked 5 schools, and i just got in after applying in January 2009. Oh, have you recieved your packet in the mail yet? I am still waiting for mine, so i really have no idea what to expect or do before we start. Did you buy your stethoscope yet? If you havent i would highly recommend the littman cardiac lll, It is expensive but it is the best one i have found! when you get one, get your name engraved on it. My friend who graduated last year from MCC told me that they "walk off" all the time! If you could please let me know the CPR information i would greatly appreciate it! talk to you soon!

Katie-I got an email on Thursday with the registration PPWK in it and it goes through ALL of that stuff. Did you not get the email? If not, I'd call ASAP!

The review class is during the first half of block 1. The math review is Mondays from 12:30-1:20 (class is from 9-11:50) and the RN review is Tuesday's from 12:30-1:45. I did not by my stethoscope yet, I figured we'd get it where we got the scrubs? I am sure those things 'walk off', I'll be sure to inscribe it or something!!

As for the CPR class, I went to www.cprinstruction.com . They are in Mesa off Gilbert/University and the lady who teaches it is really funny, it went really fast! You have to have your CPR card before you can register and we have to register by Nov 24th, so I'd be sure to get that done ASAP!

I was thinking, maybe before class starts we could all meet at the Startbucks by MCC. It'd be nice to know a few people before we start our journey :)!

i would love to meet you at starbucks! I work m-f 10-7. So a saturday or a sunday would work out great! Thank you for the updates..i need to check my email to see if i got my paperwork! Thak you so much for all the help. It is funny because my boyfriend lives right on gilbert and university, so the cpr class is literally a 2 min walk! Let me know when you would like to meet up!

I had surgery last month so obviously didn't respond, KDOLL, sorry!! Yes, we should meet up!!

Did everyone get their immunizations? I have to go in tomorrow for my second tb read and then I am done with that. Already have CPR as well....So, looks like I will be registering at the last minute. What about you guys??

I am getting SOOOOOO nervous!!