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MCC-A&P, Bio 1000

I was hoping for feedback on good teachers for these classes. I have heard Ragland or Gross is good for A & P. Also I was think of taking Bio 1000 in summer, but I haven't heard about any good instructors. Any recommendations?

Hello There~~ I am taking BIOL 1000 right now at South Campus and have Proff Lumetta, he is great very helpful and understanding I would highly suggest him if possible.. as for A&P I am planning on taking that in winter so I could use the same advice.

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I am currently in A&P with Professor Ragland and I HIGHLY recommend her!! She is a great teacher, I had her for nutrition too. She offers extra credit, which I don't think many professors do. I just finished my second exam (there are four) and currently have a 93% in the class (thanks to 23 extra credit points). I am going to sign up for her hybrid biology 1000 course next semester. She shares the class with Professor Scott (Ragland teaches the online lecture portion and Scott does the lab on campus).

Thanks for the info. She and Fields have about the same ratings on Ratemyprofessor.com. I have heard she is really willing to help you out if you have a problem. I heard Fields teaches by telling alot of stories and covers the class in steps for a good understanding. I have Crozier for Nutrition now and it is a tough class, but so far I have an A (lots of studying).

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