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Mayo Clinic Summer III Externship 2017

Hey Everyone,

So I tried looking online to see if there was an updated post on the Mayo Clinic Summer III Externship for 2017 and I didn't see any. So I figured I would start one. Applications opened on October 15th and they close on January 15th. I am planning on applying and was wondering if there was anyone else out there who was doing the same and if there was anyone who went on the externship last year that had some advice. I am excited and can't wait!

Leave a comment, idea, concern, or what ever you feel like. Lets see who else is doing this!

Summer III Nursing Externship at Mayo Clinic - Summer III Nursing Externship Minnesota - Mayo Clinic

**If anyone is curious, the essay questions for this year are:

1.) Describe your first hands-on clinical experience in nursing school. What fears did you have? What surprised you the most? What were you most proud of?

2.) Describe the last time you made a mistake or experienced failure. What did you learn and what steps have you taken to ensure it won't happen again?

I know what you mean. I have been working on my essay for awhile. As soon as I have it proofread I will send it off. I am nervous and excited all together!

It's just crazy how competitive this program is. I'm obsessing over my essays wayyyy too much. However, I know that in the end all I can do is try my best and pray. :down:

I submitted mine on the 16th after a month of tweaking. Not much changed in it but I just wanted it to be perfect :sorry:

Has anyone heard anything yet? I saw from a previous year that around this time they let people know whether or not they made it to the next step.

Mine is not :( This seems like a bad sign for me.... But a good sign for you! That might mean that you're moving on to the next step, so you can't withdrawl!

Yes, which is different from before. Maybe they are going through our applications now?

I got an email saying to send in unofficial transcripts and area selections!


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