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Maybe moving to Indy

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I might be moving to Indy soon. I was wondering if anyone could share any insight regarding working for Clarian Health, such as whether they do 8 or 12 hr shifts, the work environment there, etc. What kind of pay could an experienced (7 yrs) RN expect in this area? What is the best neighborhood for younger professionals w/ no kids? Any information would be appreciated. I grew up in Indiana, but have been away for a long time.

Thanks so much.

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CommunityERRN has 11 years experience and works as a Emergency Room RN.

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Well, I think that every job has it's own special perks. I've worked in the Clarian network before and did not like it. I felt that they had great insurance though. I worked 12's. In the unit I worked on, we were able to do self-scheduling. So that was nice. I've worked in Wishard also and REALLY hated that. I hated their patient population. I hated their insurance too. I now work in the Community network. I've been there almost 4 years. Prior to this job I averaged staying at all previous jobs for approximately 1 year. It doesn't matter where you work. Everybody will have their own opinions. I have to work somewhere where I enjoy the people I have to spend long shifts with, where the benefits are good, where education is commensurated, and working conditions & technology is not behind on the times. There are many nice neighborhoods in Indy. I would suggest getting as far away from downtown as you can. Hope this helps. What type of nursing do you do?

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