May NP Graduates and ANCC Certification


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Hello, have any May graduate received authorization to test for certification from the ANCC yet? I am getting very antsy waiting...


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You can pay extra $$ to have them expedite your request.


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I got mine, took 6 weeks, and someone I know applied same time as me, paid the extra $$$ to expedite and we got our letters same day. I test on friday, keep fingers crossed.


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I graduated in May, but submitted an "early application with a placeholder transcript" by the first week in March. I submitted my final transcript (with conferred degree) at the end of May, and I had my authorization to test by the first week in June. I scheduled my test for the second week of June and passed. I do think it is a tough exam. At peak workload, I think it takes up to 8 weeks to get your authorization to test letter.

Bidwilltv, that is interesting that the person you know paid an expedited processing fee and got their authorization to test the same day as you did. It was supposed to cut the time frame down to about 2 weeks (plus mail time) or so. Best wishes on the test.


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It took about 6 weeks to get my okay to test. I took my PMHNP exam last week and passed. But I know of other people in my class who sent their paperwork in at the middle to end of June and are still waiting. Good Luck.