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I am starting a RN-BSN program and one of the first tasks from the first classes is to interview nurses. It is my hope that some of you on allnurses would be willing to answer the interview questions, if you have the time:D

I need to interview one nurse from each of the following areas in nursing:

education: staff development or faculty

administration: CNO, clinical administrator

Clinical specialist: NP, nurse-midwife, CRNA, or a staff nurse with a MSN


Thank You in advance!:heartbeat:yeah:

1. Discuss how you utilize and value the knowledge of other disciplines to solve patient care problems. What team members are you most often engaged with, and what is the unique expertise of each?

2. Describe how you demonstrate appropriate teambuilding and collaborative strategies when working with interprofessional teams.

3. How do you see care applied within your particular nursing practice situation?

4. Describe the roles of different nurses (e.g., clinical nurse specialist, nurse executive, bedside nurse) in promoting safe and quality outcomes of care for diverse populations.

5. Describe how you apply quality improvement processes to implement patient safety initiatives and monitor outcomes. How are nurse-sensitive indicators monitored in your institution?

6. Describe how nurses facilitate patient-centered care in your institution and practice. How are patient-centered care and advocacy similar to and different from each other?

7. Describe a situation in your practice in which you could see that the principles of ethics, professional nursing standards, altruism, and human dignity affected your nursing practice or a specific outcome.

8. Describe a patient care initiative in your organization that improved outcomes and enhanced cost effectiveness in care delivery.

9. Describe how nursing research has improved or changed a particular aspect of patient care in your institution. How is the research project different from quality improvement activities?

10. Describe how information technology and patient data are used in your institution for ethical, effective clinical decision making and how patient confidentiality is protected.

11. Describe a particular situation in which you have been involved with the roles and responsibilities of a major healthcare regulatory agency that affected patient care quality, workplace safety, healthcare reimbursement, or the scope of nursing practice.

12. Compare nursing practice roles for the registered nurse, clinical nurse leader, advanced practice registered nurse, and clinical nurse specialist in your clinical setting. Describe specific differences in their duties, knowledge, and abilities.

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western governor's university? me too :) i was planning on asking ppl from where i work.. this is a good idea too tho.. ;)

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I am going to try and ask ppl from work too, but I thought I would cast a wide net. I figured if they are here and reading other threads then maybe they might have the time to answer the questions :bow::bowingpur

I only work PRN as a CNA while working on my BSN trying to get that first RN job, so I am not at work that much, and the nurses that I am kind of close too, I am using for my refrences and do not want to keep bugging them for more.

any luck with the interviews? i'm doing the same thing, just started on nov 1

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Just wanted to bump this up.

Hoping someone will respond

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