May not be graduating this year errr


This semester has been so hard and trying and exhausting. I just got back an essay in which I failed in. My teacher claims I didnt answer the topic. I replied Thats ok because I know she wanted me to be upset. She was a little bit shocked that I said that. I said I dont want to get upset about this.

For me to pass and continue on with graduating this year is to pass full marks with my exam. Like I dont want to be negative but realistically I cannot get full marks on an exam. I have two other exams to deal with. That is why I know I wont be graduating this year.

A part of me is okay with that because I really dont feel good about graduating this year due to the feeling in lack of confidence and not retaining info and want to review everything before heading out in the big world.

My uni degree should have been a 3 year, however due to failing a prerequisite exam bought me down a year. So now I have been attending uni for 4 years. As I see it if its meant for me to graduate this year, so be it. Otherwise I cant cry over spilt milk. As Aaliyah said in her song 'Dust yourself off and try again'. I always think of her song.

Has anyone experience similarly what I have gone through?

Look forward to your reply :specs:

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First off, (((((BIG HUGS))))) for you. I know how hard this is, I was in the exact same situation 2 1/2 years ago. I failed my fundamentals class, very first semester. I did great during the clinicals but I had a hard time with the bookwork, and in the end I got a 74.8, with 75 passing. I was one of 3 students that semester that failed. It was completely heartbreaking.

I found out on Christmas break, went on Blackboard and saw that big fat D. It was devastating. I knew it meant that it would extend my graduation date a full year. I had been in school so long already I was really looking forward to finally graduating May 2004. I was going to school in TX but I'm from AZ, so I was at home in AZ while on winter break, I was far away from school. I had to talk to my advisors and professors via email and phone during all this. It was hard. I thought about just dropping out of the nursing program and just getting any sort of degree I could so I'd just have a diploma, then finish up RN school here in AZ. I was so torn. My advisor just asked me "do you want to be a nurse?" YES! I want to be a nurse! So that was my answer, I had to keep going with it. I had to pick up and move on and finish it up, even though it'd put me a year behind all my great friends that I had made. I was only able to take 1 nursing class that following spring semester, but the other classes I took were psych classes, so I could have a minor in psych.

Last May it was bitter sweet to see my friends from my original class graduating. I was very happy that they were now able to work as nurses, but I was sad in knowing that I should have been there too.

Looking back on it, it was a blessing in disguise that I was held back that year. After re-taking that course I felt so much better about the material, even the clinicals, everything! I felt more confident when I re-took it. I feel more confident now.

It was tough, I had to keep going even though it was so disappointing thinking that it would extend my graduation by a year, a whole year ..... instead of graduating in May 2004, I wouldn't be able to graduate until May 2005 ..... ahhhh May 2005, SO FAR AWAY, it felt like a lifetime away. But hey, it's May 2005 now and just 17 days ago I graduated with my BSN and my minor in psych :) Even though sometimes it felt like so far away, it's already here and done with, it flew by!

You say a part of you is ok with not graduating this year, and that is completely fine! You know I felt the exact same way! When I saw that I had failed the class, my heart sank .... but then on the other hand I felt this HUGE relief. I felt relieved because I truly wasn't ready to move on to the next semester of nursing classes. It happened for a reason, some of us just need more time, and that's totally fine.

Hang in there! I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers, just know you'll make it through, you WILL become the nurse you want to be! Please PM me if you ever need to talk or anything or have any questions. Take care.

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