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We were left to get our white pinning uniforms on our own. The trouble is finding them! I have searched high and low. Does anyone know of any websites that may have them? The local uniform store overcharges by about 40% and will not allow you to return/exchange if it does not fit or if you do not like it and mind you she does not offer a dressing room in her store to find out. Where and what do you plan to wear to pinning?


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:D Congraulations on graduation & pinning. I too graduate in May. I had to wear white uniforms for clinicals, so I will just wear the one I have.

Most uniform catalogs offer white uniforms, but it makes it hard if you are suppose to have a particular brand or style.

I would get a toll free number to call these places so that way you can talk to a sales rep.

Good luck to you in you new career!:nurse:


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I had to wear a white uniform for clinicals, and I have another uniform of the same style minus the school patch that I'm wearing for my capping and pinning. I got mine through and they have a great selection of white uniform pieces if you're looking for a particular style.

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