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May 2020 Grad Job Search

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Hi everyone!

Currently amidst the Job Search for my first RN job after obtaining my BSN next month. Due to coronavirus and the obvious situation that all hospital systems are in, many places are freezing hiring for the time being or even letting people off due to the economic crisis. I'm also extremely interested in pediatrics which is a difficult specialty to get into due to low census because of the pandemic. I have a lot of loans that I need to begin paying this Fall so I'm just getting worried about the job search process and being unemployed for an extended period of time.

Any advice for how to differentiate myself during the job search right now to hopefully get a job within pediatrics/any leads on residency programs in NYC, Chicago, or Boston?

Hi! Yes, it's a difficult time to apply for jobs as a RN but there is still a great need for nurses. Try to stay focused and stay positive through the process, even when it gets hard. Don't settle for a job if it's an unsafe or negative work environment. Stay open minded about specialties.

My main piece of advice is to be organized. Make Google docs with names of hospitals in NYC, Chicago, and Boston. Put links to RN job openings pages on the hospital website on the Google docs. Make sure you are looking at the "most recent" jobs posted. Check for jobs every day because the early bird gets the worm.

Apply everywhere you can. If a recruiter calls you, even if it's a position you aren't interested in, make sure to ask about other job openings. It will be difficult to find a new grad RN job in pediatrics because pediatric censuses are low. But it's not impossible- apply to open peds jobs when you find them. Most importantly, I believe the most important factor in job satisfaction is liking the people you work with. Your interview will most likely be online so you won't be able to meet other nurses. Ask the manager who is interviewing you if you can talk to nurses on the floor! Make sure you highlight your strengths and can apply them to the current pandemic. For example, you need to be calm under pressure, flexible, mature, organized, and positive. Good luck!

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Be willing to move and to take the shifts nobody else wants. Keep applying and keep your options open. When you interview, regardless of whether or not it is in pediatrics, this is the job you want, period. You are job searching during a pandemic. Getting into the specialty of choice was tough before Covid-19. It will be super tough now. Don't limit yourself to applying only for your first choices.