does it matter where i start?

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hi i am a new nurse. i am having a very hard time finding a job in a hospital setting.i was wondering about just taking a job at a snf to start then move on to ahospital. i have heard that hospitals will not hire if you worked in a snf isthat true or is that a myth?

Any nursing job should give you valuable experience that will bulk-up your resume. As far as hospitals discriminating against you for nursing experience, I don't personally believe that it's true. Make a list of pros and cons for yourself to help make your decision. Think about how you can list this experience on a resume, and how a hiring manager will view this experience. For example, you'll most likely be responsible for 20+ individuals at a SNF, you'll be able to list your awesome time management skills, long-term disease management skills, and multi-tasking/ care clustering capabilities after gaining some experience there! Try viewing your options through a positive lens, instead of picking out why someone may look down on them. Think of it this way...if you were hiring someone, would you want someone with zero experience, or someone that was able to take a position and apply learned skills and knowledge to provide excellent nursing care to such a vulnerable population?

Best of Luck!

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The job market for nurses is becoming extremely competative. I remember when I became a nurse 10 years ago. Boy I literally had my pick of several units in the hospital!! Any speciality area I wanted! Not so anymore :-(

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